Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Korean Wife Hears Christ Speak to Her

During the time that I was an Artillery Officer - before I became an Army Chaplain - I had the opportunity on a field training exercise to share the Good News with my new driver. He prayed and received Christ as Savior in our vehicle. He was born again. Within a few weeks of that time, he was baptised in water and he had received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. He was now able to pray in a supernatural prayer language which is often called "speaking in tongues."

He had recently returned from being stationed in South Korea. During that time, he had married a lovely Korean woman. She was very polite and gracious. However, she did not speak English and my driver didn't speak Korean very well. She was also a practising Buddhist. He had tried unsuccessfully to explain to her what had happened to him. She didn't understand what had happened to her husband but understood that he was very happy about it. As a result, she was not opposing his faith in Christ.

There was a "charismatic" style worship service that happened every Sunday night. Often during that service, people came to the altar to pray. One evening, I and my wife Ann and my driver and his Korean wife were in attendance. He went to the altar to pray and she followed along - just to be with him - and knelt at the altar with him.

There were quite a few who had come to the altar to pray. My driver was on the left of his wife and there was another man on her right. Because she had come along to the altar, my driver felt inspired to pray for her salvation. He wanted her to experience what he was experiencing.

After a few minutes, the man on her right at the altar started speaking in fluent Korean to her. However, he never looked at her. He simply looked straight ahead like he was praying. He called her by name. He told her that she was loved by God. He told her that Christ had died for her sins. He told her that she could receive forgiveness of her sins. He told her that she could have a brand new life by believing in Jesus. There was much more. He spoke to her in Korean for at least five minutes. Several times, he used her name.

Finally, curiosity overwhelmed her. She tapped him on the shoulder. He turned towards her. She asked him in Korean how he knew her. He looked puzzled and then recognised that she was Korean and was speaking in that language to him. He said: "I am sorry but I don't speak Korean." He had been speaking in tongues - in his supernatural prayer language - to God. He didn't know Korean but the Holy Spirit knew Korean and used him to speak to her.

When she found out that he did not speak Korean and that God had been speaking to her in this amazing way, she believed and received Christ as her Savior. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Testimony by Roger Sapp


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